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Where to Offer Support & Winery Update

Thank you to everyone who continues to offer support during this challenging time. As a community, we are coming together to support those who have lost homes, wineries, businesses, and livelihoods. In response to several major Napa County fires that started burning the night of October 8th and have displaced thousands of area residents thus far, Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) has mobilized its Disaster Relief Fund.

This week, the Foundation will distribute direct response grants to a targeted list of local nonprofits. These will go to a select group of trusted nonprofit service providers who are helping with temporary shelter, meals, medical care, child care, and mental health as well as care of animals that have been evacuated with owners. All of these nonprofits received intensive technical assistance from NVCF to boost their capacity to respond to events such as the fire relief efforts now underway in Napa County.

We've received inquiries on how you can help. One way is through a tax-deductible donation to the Napa Valley Disaster Relief Fund. Please visit to make a secure online donation.

If you have any questions, please email

Winery Update

We are scheduled to re-open the winery Tuesday, October 17.

Latest shipments have been processed and will go through without any further delay. If you have any questions, please email

Our innovative roots began in Napa Valley over two decades ago.

Luna Vineyards was the first family owned winery to plant the Italian varietal, Pinot Grigio, along the eastern hillside at Silverado Trail. Our original founders brought tradition engrained by Italian ancestors, to embrace local processes that would sustain a deep and abiding respect for the Napa region. We continue to expand our portfolio of award-winning wines and varietals while staying true to our unique history - we are rooted by innovation.

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Luna is proud to continue its founding values, giving science and creativity equal respect. Driven by an entrepreneurial culture, Luna demystifies the story of wine to offer an accessible and arousing tasting experience.
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Our winemaker, Shawna Miller, instills innovative methods that preserve the rich and bio-diverse ecosystem of our Estate Vineyard, to the dense rocky subsoil of the Game Farm Vineyard.
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