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Luna Vineyards 2013 Pinot Grigio

Blend: Pinot Grigio 90%, Chardonnay 8%, Viognier 2%

The 2013 vintage was a perfect growing year due to idyllic weather conditions. Our Pinot Grigio grapes were whole-cluster pressed on the same day that they were picked. The juice was fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures to preserve the delicate fruit aromas and each vineyard lot was kept separate until just before blending and bottling.

Tasting Notes: Fresh aromas of honey, lemon curd and citrus blossom greet the nose. Bright grapefruit on the palate, our 2013 Pinot Grigio has a refreshingly brisk citrus, lively texture and good balance. With the dominance of citrus zest and a steely edge, this wine finishes with a juicy acidity and bright, long finish.

ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617001004


Arnold Palmer 2013 Chardonnay

Blend: Chardonnay 100%

The 2013 Arnold Palmer Chardonnay is a vibrant wine whose grapes were sourced from vineyards in the cooler climates of California. The Chardonnay grapes were whole-cluster pressed, settled for juice clarity, and then cold fermented in stainless steel. The wine then went through the traditional secondary malolactic fermentation and was cellar aged, a portion in oak barrels. Finished by blending in late spring and bottling in August 2014.

Tasting Notes: The cool climate grapes show through with a burst of lemongrass and honeysuckle aromas, along with bright lime zest. Richly flavored with baked green apple flowing to a creamy and fresh pear completion.

ABV: 14.5% // UPC: 814617008201



Luna Vineyards 2012 Pinot Grigio

Blend: Pinot Grigio 94.4%, Chardonnay 4.6%, Albarino 1%

Grapes from our Napa Valley vineyards and other vineyards blended with Albarino grapes from Monterey County for a lively note. Whole cluster-pressed the same day picked for richer acidity.

Tasting Notes: Aroma of ripe pear and honeysuckle while a note of green apple balances a refreshing taste.

ABV: 13.5% // UPC: 814617001004


aCRISP 2012 Chardonnay

Blend: 100% Chardonnay

A voluptuous Chardonnay from Northern California vineyards. Cooler weather during harvest produced lush, perfectly balanced fruit. Whole-cluster pressed, settled for juice clarity then barrel fermented. The juice then went through traditional Burgundian secondary malolactic fermentation and aged in select oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: Tantalizing notes of butterscotch and carmelized butter.

ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617006009


Lunatic 2012 White Wine

    Blend: Pinot Blanc 33%, Gewürztraminer 33%, Muscat Canelli 33%

    The 2012 Lunatic White is an Alsatian style blend with an Italian twist. The three wines were aged separately and then blended prior to bottling.

    Tasting Notes: Intense lemongrass and ripe pear fill the nose of the glass.

    ABV: 13.0% // UPC: 814617007006


    Lunatic 2012 Red Wine

      Blend: Sangiovese 50%, Syrah 27%, Cabernet Sauvignon 23%

      This wine is about innovation and discovery. The Sangiovese is from older plantings in the center of Mendocino County. The bold Syrah is from the unlikely location of Tehama in Northern California. Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi rounds out this blend. Each varietal is treated individually, traditionally fermented and barrel aged.

      Tasting Notes: Flavors of blueberry and blackberry. This wine has great density, richness, and complexity, owing to the fact that potent components are blended to magnify their individual contribution.

      ABV: 14.5% // UPC: 814617007013


      Arnold Palmer 2012 Chardonnay

      Blend: 100% Chardonnay

      Vibrant Chardonnay from vineyards in cooler California climates. Whole-cluster pressed, cold fermented in stainless steel then secondary malolactic fermentation and cellar aged, a portion in oak barrels.

      Tasting Notes: A splash of toasty vanilla with lively mix of apple, pear and citrus flavors.

      ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617008201



      Luna Vineyards 2011 Sangiovese

      Blend: Sangiovese 88%, Cabernet Sauvignon 12%

      Rocky soils at Game Farm vineyard on the Silverado Trail stress the vines for superior quality Sangiovese with good color and flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon adds rounded tannins. Barrel aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.

      Tasting Notes: Bing cherry accented by raspberry and hints of sandalwood.

      ABV: 14.5% // UPC: 814617002001


      Luna Vineyards 2011 Merlot

      Blend: Merlot 82%, Petite Sirah 18%

      This Merlot is comprised from a combination of Napa Valley vineyards. The grapes ripened over a cooler than normal summer and fall with frequent foggy mornings. Deep color and round tannins are its hallmarks.

      Tasting Notes: Aromas of black cherry and plums fill the glass. The flavor follows with red fruits and milk chocolate, kept in balance with fine grained and integrated tannins.

      ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617003008


      Luna Vineyards 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

      Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 95%, Cab Franc 5%

      Sourced from prized California vineyards. Cool temperatures produced concentrated elegant flavors. Fermented for two weeks at warm temperatures followed with extended maceration produced supple tannins. Oak barrel aged for 16 months.

      Tasting Notes: Gentle black tea and espresso notes mingle with black fruits scented with anise.

      ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617009307


      Lunatic 2011 White Wine

        Blend: Symphony 41%, Arneis 22%, Chardonnay 15%, Albarino 13%, Viognier 9%

        Symphony is new; first planted in 1983. Arneis is ancient; from Italy’s Piedmont. Albarino comes from Spain and Viognier saved from near extinction in southern France. The wines were aged separately and blended before bottling.

        Tasting Notes: Jasmine, apricot, pear and peach meld in succulent compote.

        ABV: 13.0% // UPC: 814617007006


        Arnold Palmer 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

        Blend: 100% Cabernet

        Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from a prized collection of vineyards in California. Lower temperatures allowed the grapes to ripen on the vine for an extended period of time, producing concentrated and elegant flavors. Aged in oak barrels for sixteen months.

        Tasting Notes: Deep blackberry color carries through on the nose, mingled with wild boysenberry and anise. On the palate, there are more black fruits combined with a smooth, elegant texture.

        UPC: 814617008300



        Luna Vineyards 2010 Merlot

        Blend: Merlot 100%

        Cool morning fog and sunny afternoons in Mendocino valleys allowed extended ripening on the vine, developing mature flavors and resolved tannins. Aged in oak and bottled in October 2011.

        Tasting Notes: Aromas of dried plum and blackberry with toasted vanilla with warm flavors and integrated tannins.

        ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617003008


        Lunatic 2010 Red Wine

          Blend: Syrah 68%, Sangiovese 23%, Petite Sirah 6%, Grenache 3%

          Uncommon varietals discovered in Mendocino, the Sierras, Sacramento Valley and the eastern flanks of Napa make beautiful music together. Each is treated individually, traditionally fermented and barrel aged.

          Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, cassis and pepper in a complex richness refl ecting optimal blending of the potent components.

          ABV: 14.5% // UPC: 814617007013


          Arnold Palmer 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

          Blend: 100% Cabernet

          Cabernet from select California Central and North Coast appellations. Grapes handpicked early mornings then crushed and cold-soaked at 50℉ for 72 hours. Cellar aged for seventeen months strengthening aromatic character.

          Tasting Notes: Hints of dark chocolate and raspberry in an elegant tannin structure.

          ABV: 14.1% // UPC: 814617008300