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The Luna Wine Club

Reap ongoing rewards as a member of our signature or premier club.

A great wine club is more than just a sample of wines. At Luna, we believe it’s about building a family of fellow wine enthusiasts and sharing experiences that cultivate a greater love and understanding of Luna’s essence. Join the Luna family by choosing the package that best suits your lifestyle. Our two membership levels allow you to customize your experience and bring Luna Vineyards into your home.

La Dolce Vita Club

Luna's Premier Offering

La Dolce Vita translates from Italian as “the Sweet Life” and represents a life of luxury and indulgence. Combining Luna’s Italian heritage with the firm belief that living the sweet life should also include plenty of wine, Luna brings you the La Dolce Vita Club dedicated to our passion for Italian varietals and old world wine styles.

Classico Club

Luna's Signature Offering

Upholding our Tuscan heritage, Luna invites you to join the Classico Club, named after Chianti Classico, the birthplace of Sangiovese.