July 7, 2017

Vineyard Update: Grape Ripening Underway

It has been a very busy and fast-moving growing season for us at Luna Vineyards. The generous rains the Valley experienced throughout the winter and early spring of 2017 have been a blessing in disguise, officially ending a five-year drought across most of the state.

Although above-average rainfall is certainly a lot to absorb, the vines are growing at an unbelievable pace at about an inch a day. The stored water in the vineyard soil has already proven useful, especially when Napa experienced a heat wave of temperatures 100+ degrees a couple weeks back.

Canopies are growing lush and hedge-like, protecting our delicate berries from the mid-day sun. Most berry clusters are well into the growing season, and some have even begun to turn. In viticulture, the term used to describe the changing color of the grapes is, Veraison. Once grapes hit this stage, it represents their transition from growth to ripening and can last between 6 and 8 weeks.

Veraison characterizes the initial stages of color development and represents the onset of berry ripening

As preparations are being made behind the scenes for our annual Harvest Party, we’re finding it harder to believe just how quickly this season has come and almost gone. Fingers crossed for a continued great season as we head into the final months of what’s turning out to be a phenomenal vintage.


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