September 7, 2017

Early Morning on Howell Mountain

“It’s not ready” says Luna Winemaker, Shawna Miller as she expels the seeds of a Cabernet grape. We’re walking through Luna’s special Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard which sits at an elevation of 2,200 feet on a remote part of Howell Mountain. It’s 6:30 in the morning and the sun is just starting to make it’s appearance over the eastern mountains. Fog is lining the Napa Valley beneath us and the morning is peaceful.

During harvest, Shawna makes weekly, sometimes daily trips to all of Luna’s vineyard locations to check on the ripeness of our grapes and put a plan in place for when they are ready for picking. Today, we traveled to our farthest reaching vineyard site at day break to get a head start of the process.

Planted in 1990, Luna’s Cabernet vineyard on Howell Mountain struggles to produce two tons of grapes per acre, but yields Cabernet Sauvignon of extraordinary intensity and structure. This vineyard is dry farmed specifically for low yields to produce incredible tannins. As a bonus, these grapes are certified farmed organic.

Only a couple more weeks of hang time and these exceptional grapes will be on Luna’s crush pad at our Napa Estate – stay tuned!

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