May 5, 2017

Wine and Food Pairings for Cinco de Mayo

Be adventurous this Cinco de Mayo! Don’t be afraid to pair your favorite Mexican meat dish with a red wine. Try our 2014 Luna Vineyards Sangiovese Classico with carnitas tacos. The wine’s perfect light body and soft tannins balance out the mild spice from the meat. We recommend serving it cooler than room temperature for this pairing.

The key is to avoid wine with a high alcohol content as that intensifies the heat in Mexican dishes. Our Sangiovese is just light enough to tamper the spice, complementing the food complexity perfectly.

If white wine is more your thing, we suggest picking wines with some backbone and bright acid coming through. A good choice is our 2015 Luna Vineyards Pinot Grigio Reserve with fish tacos and cilantro. The delicate fruit and acidity will highlight the flavors of the fish, drawing you back in for more. Cheers!

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